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Compat Poles

Dear All,

I am awaiting th arrival of one of these:


SHipping is pretty slow, and it may not arrive until I go back to France. Looks like a useful it of kit though, and is at least some form of skyhook, which is mre than I currently have out there.

However, Steve G4TCU heard me talking about it on 4m FM and suggested the following UK source for a similar unit. He informs me he owns several and finds them very good for radio use:


Just a thought.
Dave M0MYA

In reply to M0MYA:

Hi Dave ! Jean-Pierre VA2SG gived this suggestion for other poles :


73 Jean VE2JCW

In reply to M0MYA:


I have a couple of these and they make perfect supports for portable verticals.

Nigel. F/G6SFP/P.