Commonwealth Contest

I see that this contest, CW only, is on for 24 hours from 1000z this morning. Therefore I may well wander up G/SP-015 this afternoon with the 20m quarter-wave to have a dabble.

My question is this:

If I work a few from home as M1EYP this morning, and then some more from The Cloud as M1EYP/P this afternoon, should I keep my serial numbers ongoing, or start again from 001 with the /P operation? I will not be submitting a contest entry myself, but don’t want to confuse things for any of the entrants - or indeed the results software! But neither do I wish to drop the “/P” from my activation.

What I certainly won’t do is call the same station again from The Cloud if already worked from home!



In reply to M1EYP:

It’s times like this when it’s worth having a few callsigns to use. Someone is bound to hear you this morning and then later as /p and wonder what is happening.

So, I’d sign from home as /p and from The Cloud as /p and keep the numbers running. You’re not entering the contest so it doesn’t matter really from a rules point of view, you’re giving points away. It’s less likely to confuse anyone who hears you on.



In the end, I didn’t work any contesters before leaving the house anyway. Was too busy chasing SOTA stations!

I was delighted to work some genuine DX with 5 watts and the quarterwave vertical (Sean M0GIA’s “Magic Moggy”). In fact, it has inspired me to go for a mega-early one tomorrow, to see what I can do between dawn, and the contest finish at 1000z.

Exciting stuff.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to M1EYP:
Hi Tom

Amazed to (just) work you in a damp Pickering with your 5 watts this morning. I often take part in BERU but this year couldn’t find the time, hence my 001 serial number. You were only 329 but workable after a few repeats on 20m. After the QSO I spotted you as a SOTA station on the DX Cluster and I heard you work a few Russian stations including UA9CGL, well done!

73 Phil