Colorado SOTA adventure!

My long awaited Colorado SOTA adventure will begin this evening! Here’s the itinerary.

After arriving this evening in DEN make a B-Line straight for Genessee Mountain W0C/FR-194 before it closes!

Sept 09
Santa Fe Mountain W0C/FR-042
Dakota Hill W0C/SR-051

Sept 10
Chief Mountain W0C/FR-030
Squaw Mountain W0C/PR-082

Sept 11
East Twin Sister Peaks W0C/FR-037

Then maybe run-up Emerald W0C/FR-058!!!

Sunday 12th Possibly Pikes Peak or Evans.

As time permits I’ll try 2/6m SSB and CW and will spot.

We’ll see what the old knees have to say about this plan :joy: anyway I look forward to catching up with local SOTA chasers!



Pretty much on schedule this week here in Colorado!

Chief Mountain Yesterday

Plan for Today is Rogers Peak 13,300’ and Mt Evans 14,200’ or depending on road/crowd conditions head over to Sniktau 13,300’ trying for first 6m CW QSOs. So far no luck.

I am with a non-SOTA friend hiking out here. The altitude is really bothering him despite being in great shape. Going above 13,000’ from low altitude with less than a week acclimated for altitude is no joke!





Great signal from Squaw Mtn. W0C/PR-082 on Sept 10th. Thanks for providing the first 2m FM S2S contact for my friend Jim KC0DGR during his very first activation from Green Mtn W0C/FR-085 just above Boulder, CO. He was really surprised you could do that with just on 2m, and in our case with just an HT!

Have fun during the rest of your Colorado adventure!


Mark, W7UM (ex-WB8TGA)

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Mark. Very cool and great to have a new SOTA activator logging QSOs!

The QRM on Squaw was terrible despite using a 2m bandpass filter.

Squaw mountain QRM factory!

I made a couple calls after 2m on 70cm and my FT818 SWR went through the roof! I forgot I had the bandpass filter still on the 2/70cm Jpole. Note to self Don’t Do That! Luckily Yaesu makes mostly idiot proof gear!!! No harm done.

Green Mountain is a very slight possibility tomorrow morning before heading back east!



Had a great @2 mile hike (RT) up a 13’er Rogers Peak (W0C/PR-025) today. Lightning put a halt to Snitkau, it will be there next time!

Rogers Peak summit Colorado!

Lincoln Lake

KE8OKM Calling CQ

Made a couple 6m ssb QSOs but no luck on 6m CW. Lots of 2m chasers out on the plains. What a wonderful trip-Till next time Colorado!



Good luck. Next tune yiu are in Cincinnati let me know.


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Closing out the adventure with Green Mountain W0C/FR-085 outside of Boulder CO

Hiking up Green Mt with Sunrise.

Trusty FT60R

View on hike down.

No luck again with 6m-CW but Had a S2S with K7EEX who was on Rodgers Peak!



Thank you Erik for posting the photos and adventure. It was cool to finally catch you for a S2S and give you a complete on Rogers Peak.

(It was good I got you. I had a hard time. I couldn’t get out a spot and I broke my HF antenna while setting it up.)

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[quote=“KE8OKM, post:4, topic:26906, full:true”]
The QRM on Squaw was terrible despite using a 2m bandpass filter. [/quote]
Great pics and work!

Details on the 2m bandpass filter?


I got to chat with you when you were on Rogers and I was doing a POTA activation in the Arapaho Nat’l Forest. Looks like you had a great trip! 73, Dave

Chris, I have been using the SOTAbeams 2m RF filter on high QRM summits. It definitely helps but on Squaw Mt. it was not very effective.

I thought about it for a bit. Last year I was positioned between a stone firetower and the antenna farm. This year I operated more in the open.

I didn’t use my YAGI on this activation. I have found it effective on blocking RFI but it also limits the usable azimuth out to the horizon. I used the YAGI effectively on Greylock Mt in Massachusetts recently. That Summit had severe QRM also.



Thanks Dave for the QSO! I’ll be back soon.