Collecting an Edelweiss for Jan’s Lowland Summit Award

One of the little secrets of a happy life is probably to make something precious out of something unimportant or dispensable – or even out of nothing.

This was my shack today before escaping from continous rain. I was happy to provide to Jan, SM5LNE, the last summit needed for his HB9SOTA Lowland Summit Award. All 176 Swiss 1- and 2-pointers are requested for the Edelweiss class of that award. My home hill Sonnenberg, HB/LU-028, was the last one on Jan’s list. So congrats on your success, Jan, happy to help you!

The Swiss SOTA lowland summits on Sotlas.

The HB9SOTA Lowland Summit Award is a nice contrast to thinking that Switzerland consists of high mountains only, reserved to experienced hikers only. The lowlands are even the base layer for all reknown top mountains like Matterhorn, Jungfrau, Pilatus or Rigi. Read more about their charme for us domestics here. And read more about our HB9SOTA Lowland Summit Award here.

Jan was not my only contact this morning, there were additional 20 QSOs. The last one provided a magic number to myself:

9,000 SOTA contacts, a long story covering more than 4 years now, all on SSB or FM so far, except for very few FT8 trial QSOs. These are all the base for many good souvenirs – thanks to you: the chasers, the S2S partners and to those with the SOTA in mind and providing it now to others.

Better weather conditions soon! So let’s continue our fun. Cu next time!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Good evening Markus @HB9DIZ.

Thank you for the short report on your SOTA activation today and congratulations on reaching 9000 QSOs! Of course I’m also happy that I could contribute a part to it :wink:

Congratulations also to Jan @SM5LNE for achieving the HB9SOTA Edelweiss Lowland Award. Thanks also for your many Chaser QSOs.

Continue to enjoy our hobby and I look forward to hearing you in a QSO again soon. :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Congrats, @SM5LNE, on having contacted each of the 176 Swiss 1- and 2-pointers! This requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. :champagne: :medal_military: :tada:

And congrats Markus, @HB9DIZ, on your 9000 SOTA-QSOs! A true indicator that you are not letting any chaser down and are - whenever possible - working through the pile-up to the very end (even at the risk of missing the last Postbus :wink: ) Thanks for the many QSOs we had and looking forward to the ones to come.

73, Roman


Oh, the postbus was another story, Roman!

We took the car this time after looking at the weather forecast. LU-028 is an easy one, so not much problems to get there and back, and no large queues on the frequencies here. And even a restaurant for a coffee after the activation since they are open now even inside. Listening to the noise on 5,359 this time and to IW3AGO/P already there made it easy for me to skip 60 m this time. And a happy Jan!

Each funny QSO number helps revoking good souvenirs from any activation. And having a large collection af good souvenirs maintains my appetite for more. It’s simple so far! It seems that I am made for simple things, hi.

Enjoy your evening, now rainy again here.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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