Coincidence or error?

I’ve just worked Victor EI/G14ONL/p on EI/IN-009 - Slieve Snacht.

Now the 2 Victors, GI4ONL and MI0JST, often activate as a pair, and true to form they were both spotted at the same time this morning.

My confusion arises from the fact that they were both on Slieve Snacht however MI0JST was spotted on EI/IN-002 - Slieve Snacht
GI4ONL was spotted on EI/IN-009 - Slieve Snacht (and confirmed to me)

Two different summits with the same name activated at the same time?

I suppose only the Vics can answer!

In reply to G4ISJ:
Hi Pete, the answer is I was correct. For whatever reason the other Victor erroneously said he was on EI/IN-002, (probably too early in the morning, hi hi)! Seriously, it was an easy mistake to make because as you rightly pointed out in EI/IN there are 2 summits with identical names, both 8 pointers with roughly similar heights. The mistake was corrected later but probably too late to avoid confusion.

So it was error rather than coincidence, apology tendered.


Victor GI4ONL