Cluster / SMS spotter outage

Sorry for the short outage on the cluster and SMS spotter this afternoon. The provider was doing some infrastructure upgrades which resulted in the computer that hosts these services being offline for about 1hr. Everything seems to be working again, but if you notice any problems do let me know.

And another…

Again sorry for the outage on both the SMS spotter and the SOTA cluster today, 19-Jan-2017. I noticed the console where I can monitor the systems had dropped out sometime today.

For some reason the machine had decided to power itself off but a nice man in Graz at the hosting company, has very long arms that reach all the way to Reykjavík so he switched it back on. Neither of us no why it switched itself off but it did, so I’m blaming the Huldufólk who live in Iceland.

Both the spotter and the cluster are up and running again. I don’t have any emails telling me that SMS messages were dropped so I’m hoping it wasn’t offline for too long and hasn’t missed anything.