Cloud sea NV-088

Today, departure for a 5-hours hike with 1000 meters of elevation. The starting point is 30 minutes from my house in the municipality of Bidarray.
A mist is at the appointment.

While crossing a field I found myself in front of a lamb that had just been born. Here is the photo; he looked at me and discovered a new animal (a human).

The climb continues in the mist and I wonder who said previously on the reflector that it was always sunny in Navarre (certainly a fisherman or a hunter) :wink:

I think I said something stupid, here is the good weather. it was enough to climb a few hundred meters to find it. This is the Lower Navarre of sun and Nature; don’t talk too much about it because it would be a shame to see tourist coaches arriving. Mountaineers are often solitary and the mountain is so beautiful in the calm.

here are some photos with the sea of ​​clouds.

The superb Irubela mountain in the shape of a pyramid which is located in Spain in Navarre. (no need to go to Egypt we have it here; mother nature made it for us)

You can see Mount Baigura F/PO-213

You can see the summit of Mount “Jara” F/PO-263 sticking out of the clouds.

From the summit of Iparla located on the border with Spain we can see the summits in France Jara F/PO-263, and Arradoi F/PO-237

After one hour of activation and 42 QSOs including 1 S2S, return for 2 hours of descent towards the village.
The clouds have disappeared and the sun is above Baigorry

On the photo on the left the parking lot where my car is located

Back at home; charging the batteries and then preparing the backpack for tomorrow’s dual activation NV-022 and NV-170.
See you soon



Have several :beers: for posting those photographs Alain.


Well done Alain! Beautiful day, amazing pictures.

Why don’t we drink the beers together.
It won’t be bad… :laughing:

Yes Fraser, it was a great day, but not the last one… :smiley:

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Hi Alain,

Merci fr beautiful story :muscle: :slight_smile:
All the best.

73, Jarek

Alain, I’d love to meet up next time I get to France. My sister lives near Nimes and I haven’t seen her since November 2019 because of Covid. I’ve not had any proper bread for 26months now! Or decent sausage or wine etc. So a trip down to catch up with her is being planned.

I’m not going to come all that way and pass up the chance to meet up with any other French activator/chasers such as yourself. I have Eric F5JKK on the radar, he lives quite close to my sister so another SOTA person will just add to the fun. :slight_smile:

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I’m very sorry for not having chased you on this one, but many thanks for this great report and amazing beautiful pictures.
I highly encourage you to keep posting reports with pictures of your activations.
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you again soon.


Hi Alain,
I’m very glad you found Navarra’s bright sun.
Great pictures!

73 Ignacio

Dear Alain,
I mentionned to you the other day that we have a Mt, Baigura at our side of the border.

While the Mt. Baigura F/PO-213, at the Low Navarre, is a 897m a.s.l. 1 pointer, the Mt. Baigura EA2/NV-016, at the High Navarre, is a 1474m a.s.l. 6 pointer.
I have it in my radar:

But the ascent is nearly 750-800m elevation gain and I don’t yet feel ready for such an endeavour. Perhaps we could start doing one of these days the Baigura by your side and we will make future plans for the Baigura at our side.

For the readers non familiar with the terms Low and High Navarre, let me explain you that the ancient Kingdom of Navarre had a vaster than today’s extension spreading at both sides of the Pyrenees:

Its extension in the year 1134 was significantly larger than at present,

but several different and unfortunate historic events (Royal marriages, wars, battles, betrayals, etc) made it loose all the territories in the current F/PO (blue), EA2/SS, EA2/VI and EA2/BI (green), EA1/LR (yellow) and others further away in EA1/CT (purple), EA1/BU and EA1/SO (indigo), down to its current EA2/NV smaller territory (red),

as well as loosing in the year 1512 its status of Independent Kingdom, when it was anexionned by the Kingdom of Castille to form, together with the Kingdom of Aragon, the current Kingdom of Spain.

Its former territory further North of the Pyrenees was and is still called the Low Navarre, because its lower elevation of the land above the sea level compaired to the more elevated above sea level territory at the South of the Pyrenees.




Hello Andy,
I just came back from a mountain trip with NV-035 and NV-022 activated.
I was just seeing your message now.
Yes it would be a real pleasure for me to meet you in France and of course in the Basque country. I live in Bayonne, third in the ranking of cities in France where life is good. City located on the Southwest coast, near the ocean.
Let me know when you have the dates. :smiley:
73’ Alain


Super Guru,
Very interesting maps.
A very good idea for the activation of the two Baigura summits between activators of the two Navarres

73’ Alain


Hi Alain,

NV-033 & NV-022 I guess.
Many thanks for both QSOs :wink:

73, Jarek

Thanks Jarek for the correction.
It’s better with the photos of today’s summits. :smiley:

73’ Alain

Mendilatz summit

Urculu summit


Hello Alain @F5ODQ

Thanks for your report and the pictures. Pictures that I want to look at several times are really beautiful pictures for me :+1:Did you actually give the lamb a name? :slightly_smiling_face:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Yes of course; I called him “Goizean” which means in the Basque language in the morning. :wink:

Have a good day Marcel

73’ Alain

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