Closure - All NorCal Forests 8/22

Due to extreme fire conditions in California the United States Forest Service has announced:
TEMPORARY CLOSURE of nine National Forests. This closure will be effective at August 22, 2021 at 11:59p.m. through September 6, 2021 at 11:59 p.m .

Link: Tahoe National Forest - Home
Map of effected areas:

Jordan WC6J


Thanks for heads-up, Jordan!

Hi Jordan

Doesn’t surprise me given the severity of fires up your way.

I drove back from mine and Jamie’s (@N6JFD) Double Goat event on Emma and was horrified at the extent and continuous smoke along the Eastern Sierras for almost 500 miles. We have a fire around Lake Isabella at the southern end of the Sierras that essentially filled up the Owens Valley with smoke coupled with your local threat, the Caldor fire.

Just for grins and while we were camping at the Emma (W6/ND-395) trailhead, I shone a bright torch/flashlight up into the night sky. It was like a science experiment to see the dense number of small particles rushing through the beam and that was what we were breathing. Impromptu video taken the next day a few miles south but essentially the same as further north in Mono County, CA Dense number of small particles in air we breath from CA fires


I was wearing 2 masks at one point this weekend in Tahoe area. Surgical +KN95, it helped with some of the particles, but not the smell, if I wanna kill the smell I have to toss on the buff doublewrapped. I slept at the TH for Emma with a surgical mask on… Oyi!

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I’m 9 miles away from the western flank of the fire. The air quality is the worst at night but usually improves during the day when the wind changes direction. We are not seeing air quality numbers anywhere close to what you are seeing in the Tahoe basin.

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