Closing of the autumn season. R9U/SO-059

Using the “window” in the usual bad autumn weather, Marat RA9WJV and I visited a beautiful corner of the Southern Urals.

Well, and besides, we activated a new summit and just had a wonderful time in nature. Personally, I did not want to overcome the many obstacles at all, as it was during my recent trip to R9U/SO-012, SO-034. Therefore, the choice was not difficult to make. We just got together in the evening and got into the car in the morning. 300 km by car and quite a bit with a backpack on your shoulders. The ascent is simple, the forest is “transparent”, and clear weather gave visibility for many tens of kilometers.

There was practically no wind, which simply tormented us at R9U/SO-012 - just perfect conditions for climbing and activating!

At the summit there is a comfortable and almost flat rocky area surrounded by a low birch forest. We installed the equipment and turned on the radio …
At first I was QRV on 14 MHz CW, and Marat on VHF FM.
This time I was really tired of working in a quickly assembled pileup! Amazingly, some of our hobby colleagues do not want to hear and listen(
Despite my directed call (for example, “CQ UK”), some continued to stubbornly transmit their callsign not from the UK… I am very ashamed that perhaps I did not hear many of those, who really needed this summit and this activation. On the moment when the disorder reached its climax, I decided to work Split and said “CQ UP1 2.” But, unfortunately, someone consciously began to heavy QRM and I switched back to the simplex at 14059 KHz.
I am very grateful to those who patiently waited for their turn, to those who, respecting their colleagues, listened more to my not very powerful signals. Thanks to those who helped keep order. I well remember “PSE LSN”, it supported me.
My attempts to “put things in order” were not very effective. I became nervous and made mistakes. Perhaps a more experienced radio operator would be more successful with this pileup.

Marat, having made several VHF QSOs, managed to communicate with several visitors to the summit. I just didn’t pay attention to these people, as I was completely focused on the signals. I could and wanted to bring this matter to the end, but Marat politely waited next to him. And people in headphones behind HF transceivers were waiting for him …
I was shaking a little with emotions, but I gave way to Marat’s transceiver - it was his time!

I think that he will better tell about his activation himself. I tried as best I could to help and prompt him, since Marat used the built-in speaker. But, perhaps, I interfered with him more, since mine, louder, was added to a large number of signals in the loudspeaker))
There was a small spot error. Our colleague has entered the wrong callsign. And at one time Marat was told “Thank you Vlad”. Marat once by mistake passed the wrong reference “053” and this further confused our correspondents. But soon everything was back to normal, thanks to everyone who sent the spots!
It’s a pity, the sun running towards the horizon has limited our time at the top. I had to finish activating and packing the equipment. We ran down to the car parked at the gas station. It was necessary to find a place for the camp before dark.

And we managed to find such a place, next to a mountain stream, already with the last rays of the sun.

I was not very happy with my work on the air, but in the sotal our trip turned out to be very successful!
Thanks to all the “summit hunters”!



You might not have been happy with the operation, but I’ll bet you
were happy with that dinner !! Yum Yum… I sure wish conditons
would inprove so I could hear UA9 again. Even the fixed stations
don’t come in to California very well these days.
73, John, K6YK


Отличная экспедиция!Фото супер!Молодцы.73! de K6MAA


Thanks for a most interesting and super report with lovely pics Vlad, and for working split which helped the chasers enormously. I see from the long list of stations worked several DXers were logged who do not normally chase SOTA summits, so your activation created interest in the wider ham radio community for sure.

73 Phil G4OBK


I was somewhat surprised to make it through EU pile-up. Once again you were a good copy with reasonable signal into Auckland. Thank you Vlad. Tried to listen for RA9WJV on SSB. But it was much noisier up the band and it was a no go. Enjoyed the photos and the story, as usual.

Regards & 73!
Andrei, de ZL1TM


John, thanks for the feedback.
In a hum the stations calling me, I think I’ve heard callsigns from North America a couple of times. I gave a directed call to “NA”, but it did not work. The pileup level was far beyond S9. Some of the signals from the EU were 9 + 30!
Salmon and everything else was also unforgettable)
73 and CU

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Phil, several QSO with radio amateurs from the UK were given a lot of stress. And this makes these QSOs especially valuable. Victor, GI4ONL was heard more clearly. I seem to have recorded his callsign the first time. As I said before, the directed call was not always effective.
Of course, the split helps out in this case. But I’m not sure that SPLIT’s operation at frequencies around 14060 KHz is ethically justified. Perhaps it would be more correct to move the pileup much lower in frequency. But, also completely unjustified are intentional QRM, which I encountered when trying to work SPLIT in QRP frequency.

Andrey, QSO with ZL1TM is not the first time a “cherry on the top”.
It was unforgettable!
Here I also want to thank those who did not press the CW-key in during our QSO.
I hope this tradition will continue.
73 and CU

Thanks for qso Vlad, nice to work you and maybe next year S2S when the world is near normal again. Huge pileups of “Non-Chasers” on many SOTA these days, perhaps with no DXpeditions SOTA Activators have been discovered HI




In addition to Vlad’s story and his beautiful photographs, I present a video about this activation.


Что-то невероятное ребята, спасибо за впечатления после просмотра этого фильма.
Какой TRX у вас был на HF?

73, JArek

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Jarek, спасибо за добрый отзыв!
Последнее время используем мой, самодельный трансивер. Он сделан специально для походных условий. В основе - “Мини-SW 2017”. Но изменен форм-фактор, сделаны доработки и добавлен ATU. Tx 20-25W (Max) при 16.8 В

Hi Владимир

Большое спасибо за ответ.
Какой аккумулятор?

73, Jarek

Accu LiPo, 5000 mA/h, 4C.

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Tnx Vladimir.
All the best !
73, Jarek

Спасибо за Вашу активность!Всегда с интересом смотрю. 73 de K6MAA