Clocks change in Western Europe this Sat/Sun 26/27 March 2016

Both the UK and Western Europe move their clocks forward 1 hour in the night between Saturday and Sunday (officially at 2am - but most will do this before going to bed).

Please check any alerts posted for Sunday and the days afterwards as - for example an ETA of 11am in Germany at the moment is 10:00 UTC but from Sunday will be 09:00 UTC.

73 Ed.

P.S. other parts of the world can change on other dates, for example those states with daylight savings time in Australia, only move their clocks BACK an hour on the first Sunday in April.

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That it does
mind you went on a web site and its amazing on how many country,s change there clocks at different times of the year to us.

Plus during either 80’s or 90’s, Europe moved there winter time from end of Sept to end of Oct to catch up to us. remember using that slot to catch some good DX on SW bands because of interference was no longer there till we moved out clocks back 1 month later,s.

Must remember we will be UTC+1 and write it down as UTC and +2 for Europe usually takes me month to get used to it after ALL these years of doing UTC time logging…


I never have changed my clocks - even before getting my license! My PCs and clock in the house are always on UTC :smile:


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Karl, does your new radio have a clock in it? My main shack radio does and it is set to zulu which makes logging pretty easy. Alternatively, get a clock for the shack and leave it set to zulu time. It makes it so much easier! I think most logging programs are pretty good these days and will automatically keep check of any local time variations and ensure zulu time is used for logging purposes. People screwing up zulu versus local time make my online QSL processing sooooo painful - if they use the correct time it all auto matches, but if wrong, needs a manual message to be sent to tell them to correct their times (specifically e-qsl as LOTW I don’t even see that they have submitted a contact!).


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My PC’s are set to Local Time, but all the logging programs I use know what the UTC equivalent is, which means everything I log live will be fine, its just the stuff logged on paper where I get the times muddled up.

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Hi matt
Wanna one of those digi radio clocks one that keeps accurate within mirco seconds used to have one years ago must invest in another.

Lot cheaper than they were 20 years ago LOL