Climbing the Rocciamelone I/PM-311 3538 mt. with Zeno & Emilio

Today was a truly splendid day and I am happy to be able to tell about it here. Together with 3 of my 2 sons (Zeno 19 and Emilio 13 years old) I decided to climb one of the most beautiful peaks in the Susa valley, near Turin where I was born and where I am these days. The mountain is the Rocciamelone I/PM-311 a splendid mountain of 3538 meters above sea level which can be reached from Turin in about an hour and a half by car.

The climb is decidedly serious, from the parking lot to 2050 it is over 1450 meters in altitude to the top and the path indication was 4 hours of walking. After about an hour and twenty minutes we reached the “Ca d’Asti” refuge at 2850 meters where we drank something fresh and I had a coffee to have some more energy.

Then we set off again. Finally, in just 3 hours we reached the summit where there is a huge statue of the Madonna that dominates the whole panorama. My boys started eating and I made a few Qsos on 20 meters with the splendid panorama of the glaciers all around. Not fantastic propagation but in the end between ssb and cw I made 21 qsos with 3 Summit2Summit. Instead of my usual “fishing rod” antenna I ran wire between a pylon that housed a lightning rod and one of my hiking poles. I preferred to make activation last for a short time, my row took up too much space and I didn’t want to disturb the dozens of walkers who were arriving.

We rested and after about 2 and a half we returned to the car very very tired but very happy with a splendid day in the mountains. It should be noted that the “step” both uphill and downhill has always been done by 13-year-old Emilio who never seemed to be tired…

73 de IW0HK Andrea


Thanks for the s2s from GM/SS-269. My summit was somewhat lower at just 258 metres… less than 1/10 of the height of yours!


this is the beauty of Sota, there are many different summits but the spirit and the pleasure of making radio in nature is the same!

thanks for the qso and 73 Andrea IW0HK