Clee Hills G/WB002 and 004

Thanks to all who made contact with me on the Clee hills today. It was a last minute decision to go, and completion depended on the weather, so no alert, sorry!

Titterstone was fairly clear of snow, but very windy. My 5m fibreglass pole snapped in half like a carrot as soon as I held it vertical - thats just with a 450ohm feeder based J pole, well attached so that it couldn’t stream out like a flag…

Brown Clee retained more snow, especially where it had drifted. In the sunken bridle way it was still two or three feet deep in places. Snow had thawed higher up, and the meltwater had washed past and over the drifts lower down. It must have been quite a torrent. I took some photos of the result -

It looked like a giant choc-ice :o)

Brown Clee was just a quick activation using a rubber duck on the 817, as the fishing pole was indisposed ;o)