Clarification of S2S scoring as regards activator points.

I realise that if I get a Summit to Summit contact during an activation, the points from the other summit count towards my Chaser and S2S scores however for the very first S2S of the activation, is it possible that I get the activator points for my summit EVEN IF I have already activated that summit in the same year?

This appears to be what is happening.

If this is the case, then the issue if re-activating a summit that you have already activated in the same year (where you get no points for the re-activation) is different if ANY S2S contact is made from the summit.

73 Ed.

If you activate a summit more than once in the same calendar year, you get the activator points only once, however you can accumulate any number of S2S Chaser points. I see that your activation of Gun is a good example. You received Activator points on the first occasion and received Chaser points twice for the S2S contacts on two different dates. I hope I answered correctly. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks, Walt NE4TN

Hi Walt,
I haven’t activated Gun - perhaps you are mixing me up with someone else.

what you describe is what I thought, but looking at my log from today and the last few activations where I have had some S2S contacts, I’m not sure that is wholly correct. Take a look at the “activator points” column in my S2S log below (those are the points for the summit I am on and I have definitely activated several of this summits earlier in the year).
Double click on the graphic to make it bigger.

Let’s see what the MT say.

73 Ed.

Read the rules? :smile:

Sorry for the confusion, Ed. I see that Gun was a “chased” summit. I see only 5 summits in your list that received Chaser points and they are all for different summits. I’m not getting your point I guess!


Not much in the rules having now read them, a few words are needed. (A few words, not War & Peace!)

Anyway, this was discussed recently so have a look in here…

OK, I see the relevant line from your answer in the other thread Andy:

“you only get points for the your hill in an S2S QSO once in a year.”.

That would fit what I am seeing.

I activate a summit in say March with no S2S contacts - I make 4 chaser contacts and get the activator points for the summit.

I activate the same summit in say June of the same year and make 8 S2S contacts - I get the S2S and chaser points for the S2S contacts as one would expect BUT on the first S2S contact (meaning the first S2S contact for me from that summit in this year) I also get the activator points for the summit again.

73 Ed.

I checked the rules Ed and didn’t see anything. So it does need explaining.

Ditto - I could not find anything in the General rules. I would however say it is intended that S2S contacts generate activator points (under certain conditions) otherwise why would we see an “Activator points” column on the My S2S log page?

73 Ed.

They probably should be titled S2S Activator points. I think I got bored polishing the display once I got it working.

EDIT: fixed… I should be packing, I’ve a flight to Milan tomorrow!

Have a safe trip - see you in FN.

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