Claiming Query

Apologies if I have missed the obvious!

Somehow I have bimbled my way to over 400 points and am thinking of submitting a claim at 500. I know that there are certificates at 100 and 250 points.

The question is - do I have to claim the lower points certificates before I can claim the higher ones? A certain other group, for which I am Awards Manager, insists on this as the income from the lower stages helps towards paying for the higher class trophies, for which members only pay a nominal sum of £2.50.

I would claim them, as this is a bit of income to support the group - but do I have to?

73, Dave, G4IAR

You don’t have to Dave. You can claim just the award you want. The only requirement is have the correct points, associations or whatever for the award you are claiming.

Thanks Andy. In the light of it saying otherwise, that’s the way I read it.