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Christmas Day activations 2019

I can remember a time when activating SOTA on Christmas morning was unthinkable. By 2018, NOT doing so would be unthinkable.

Same, AFAIAC for 2019. But unlike 2018 - when by Christmas Eve there was a lengthy list of alerts to get excited about - so far this year it’s just me and an EA6.

Looks like it’s going to be FB wx here in G too. Anyone else fancy it?

I’m heading out Boxing Day as long as the storms are past by then.

Merry X-Mas all - 73 Ed.

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Outrageously off-topic Ed. Moderator???

I’m allowing it, if he has an AM start it will still be Xmas day somewhere!


I’ll take that as a compliment Tom - I haven’t been referred to as “Outrageous” for a long time HI - Merry Christmas mate!

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That just proves that you can get used to anything!

Merry Xmas everyone…Even Alastair G0BKQ managed to drag himself up into the fog.

Shouldn’t that be Alister M0BKQ/P ?

73 Chris M0RSF

Hi Chris
Yes I was confused too as he answered me as M0BKQ/P and I couldn’t find him on qrz but he answered Walter as G0BKQ/P and this was on qrz…so who knows…plus hye changed his call sign on sotawatch.

Had every thing running Tom trying to find you but had no luck here on 30m cw or FT8.
Saw a few UK stns on psk reporter but not you but i guess you don’t have internet hot spot running at the same time when on a summit.
Be watching for you on the next one.
HNY 73
Ian vk5cz …

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Nice one Ian. I don’t think conditions were too favourable yesterday. I was RXing a ZL station during much of the activation, but normally I would RX a coupld of ZLs and plenty of VKs - even if I didn’t work any.

As such, it was a nice surprise when a JA station answered my CQ call. I’ll be continuing to activate on 30m CW / FT8 this week, so maybe another time? Mostly early mornings (GMT) but today will be more like 1100-1200z.

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I saw that you logged it in the Database as G0BKQ but now you have corrected it.

Congratulations on the call sign upgrade.

73 Chris M0RSF