Chinese Yaesu

I have replaced my worn-out Yaesu FT 60 with what I thought was a like for like model from the same supplier but after the first use on a fell top I decided it wasn’t giving the same high level performance as the first one used to.
On closer inspection of the two radios, the first was manufactured in Japan whilst the second has come from China.
I thought something wasn’t quite right when I saw the battery charger supplied with the second radio,It’s only half the weight of the original.
The supplier assures me both radios would be of equal quality and manufactured to the same standard but I am not wholly convinced. Not wanting to deride Chinese radios as I own a Wouxun 4 meter which performs quite well, can anybody put my mind at rest about the build quality of ‘Chinese Yaesu’ radios.

73, Derek

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Stuff is made in China for one reason: price. If you want really cheap you get really grot. Spanners made of cheese-metal etc. However, if you pay enough you can get quality manufacturing in China. My Yaesu VX-170 is Chinese assembled and is top notch quality.

The reduction in weight in the charger is because one is a linear PSU with transformer and the other is a switched-mode unit.

So just because it’s Chinese doesn’t mean it’s grot. It you can demonstrate reliably the poorer performance you should demand another set or a refund.


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Tnx Andy, that is informative and re-assuring.