Checking your sota log

Can you or can any one tell me how i go about checking my chaser log against a activators log i want to try to only have confirmed qso on my log so would like to check other peoples logs against mine in case its just a case of wrong time etc many thanks DAVE M3XIE

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Hi Dave if you log in click database then view results then activator roll of honour then go to the region (G GW etc) you want then look for the callsign you want then view log then look for the summit/date etc you are looking for then click view log to see all the QSOs in the activators log.

There may be another way but this is how I do it. If anybody knows a easier way I would like to know myself.

Hope that helps you out Dave 73 de Mick M0MDA

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Thank you mick will try that laters any body know any other way cheers M3XIE

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Log in, select chaser roll of honour, select your association, select your callsign, click show confirmed only.


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Hi Andy i might be wrong and forgive me if i am but I think Dave wants to check the activators actual log for an activation. The way I told him is the only way I have found to do that. Is there an easier way?

I don’t understand why there would be any need to only have confirmed contacts in the database - unless I am unaware of a recent rule change, there is no need for contacts to be fully confirmed!

Some activators are much slower than others uploading contacts and removing chaser entries because someone has not yet uploaded a activator log seems to be a waste of time and effort to me.

Stewart G0LGS

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Hello from down under. More of a response to Mike KD9KC .
Sorry to nit pick the topic but i have never entered any of my “chasing” contacts with Activators to the data base. I have only entered my own personel activations,so Mike you should’nt be rubbing out non loggers for obvious reasons,thats my thoughts on the subject. Cross checking and using the data base to its full potential is great. 73 de ian vk5cz …

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Just bear in mind that there may be some people out there that were like me. I was without a Computer for a few Months and then only had a very slow one that would only let me upload a few contacts at a time without the website timing out on me. I have only recently caught up my 2012 contacts (since getting a new computer), even so in the mean time I have lost some of my paper logs having been eaten by cats/dogs (not sure which were guilty). So not everyone isn’t interested, some just can’t.

The points don’t particularly mean that much to me either but it would be good to be able to see any mis-matches to make sure the Logs are correct.


Well, I have been looking at my chaser log. Some activators don’t send logs that is OK but it would be good if they did! Some make errors making paper to database entries - who has not done that? I have found that my biggest error is not putting the adjustment in for a station working outside their country. For example an OE station activating a DL summit - miss out the DL/OE bit and you are not confirmed! I like to have things right but I am still working on it :sunglasses:

Mike G6TUH

PS: Oh yes between 1st-2nd Jan 2013 worked 10 or so activations - half of which I entered as 2012 contact - brain slow to adjust to the new year! Now corrected.

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This an interesting topic. I try to keep my log as “clean” as possile but don’t go to the extreme of deleting obviously good contacts that don’t match because of a technicality. The data base is a wonderful tool to try to determine why there might be a mismatch. I’ve found these to be the main reasons for no “*”.

  1. wrong data entry by me – my own fat fingers.

  2. No log submitted by activator --to bad but not my fault–I count it if I KNOW I had a good contact.

  3. Activator made a typo with my call in the data base. Examples: My call as AOA or ACOA --easy to do – done it myself. In one case the contact was confirmed on LOTW with the right call!

  4. Activator put his own call incorrectly in the data base --no match for anybody!

  5. Wrong date entry either by me or activator.

  6. If I’m flat “not in the log”, if there is a log, I delete the QSO. This usually happens on CW with weak signals and QRM.

I’m kind of a sleuth. If no “*”, I find it kind of fun to try to determine “wot hoppened”.

73, Bill - AC0A

Just because a contact does not match does not mean that it will never match. There is no time limit for an activator or chaser to enter logs - so an unconfirmed chaser contact always could, at some point, become a confirmed chaser contact.

I know of at least one regular activator in Europe who never submits activator logs to the Database. Does this invalidate chaser contacts? Of course not, if they are genuine amateur radio QSOs with the op on the summit.

Mike is absolutely right in commenting that his deleting of entries affects him and him alone, but I reckon he is being overly harsh on himself.


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Hi Mike,

I hope you didn’t think my comment was aimed at you and wanting you to re-enter your logs (having gone back & reread what I put you may have done).

I was replying to your comment but my reply was aimed at everyone who may consider doing what you do.

It is entirely up to you what you do with your Logs. I just said ‘Please bear in mind…(see rest of my post)’

If I’m in any doubt as to whether the contact was made myself I put a note against my paper log and then look for the other party to upload their Logs.
If I see I’m in their Log then I enter mine on SOTA.


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If I’m in any doubt as to whether the contact was made…

…then I put nothing in my logbook as it clearly isn’t a good contact!

:wink: Tom M1EYP