Checking VHF/UHF only progress

Is there a straightforward process to check whether you have achieved MG (or SS) on a particular band e.g. 2 m or 70 cm?

Or does it automatically come up as a badge when you log into the database?

I thought this had been asked recently but nothing is coming up in the search, I’m probably searching for the wrong thing.

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Hi Pete

Open the “Activator Honour Roll” and filter by band



Brilliant, thanks

That doesn’t do quite what you expect.

No not really for assorted technical reasons. Though we have a tool to confirm claims.

In your case you have
942pts on 2m
73pts on 70cms
2m 2306pts
70cms 37pts


Indeed… Barry was happy to take my claim for MG on 2m/70cm only on Unique summits and that was back in 2010.

Opening the Activator Honour Roll and filtering by band only shows which summits you’ve made contacts on the selected band… not whether you have actually qualified the summit on that band. For that you need to go through your records manually… a bit of a drag, though it was relatively easy for me as I started on 2m and HF only came along a bit later and then alongside 2m operation.

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You can use a spreadsheet to speed this up but it would still need a bit of manual checking (or perhaps a macro).

On the Activator Log page select All Entries for the year and click on Show Analysis. Cut and paste the page into a spreadsheet. In a new column check if the number of 2m (or whatever) QSOs is >= 4 and if so it’s equal to the points+bonus points. Then sum the column. This may undercount if you activate a summit more than once in a year and the first time you qualified it on HF but didn’t get 4 2m QSOs and then revisit with 4 or more 2m QSOs.

There may be a better way but I did this in 5 minutes.

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But I had to sort that the hard way before Andy had provided a simple check for me

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Well many thanks for that. If I do make Double Goat before I hang my boots up it will be Unique summits only and no consideration given to bands… 2m didn’t work from quite a few of the summits I’ve been on since 2010. Not surprising really given where they are.

Much easier to check these days with Andy’s app and the changes Andrew made to the database UI

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