Cheap tents available again

While shopping at my local emporium where “Every little Helps” I noticed that the 2 person single skin dome tents they were selling last year are back on sale again.

A bargain at £7.97 each.

For those who do not need the absolute luxury of a tent, they also had on sale a lunch cooler which is just about the right size to keep a FT817 or FT857 out of the worst of the weather on a summit for £4.

Having just aquired a FT817, I am hoping to try it out this weekend.

The tent is identical to mine bought last year that features in this video:


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Thanks for the heads-up, could be handy to have for SOTA / Field Day’s etc



In reply to G0VOF:

Now is the winter of our discount tent made for a glorious summer in the sun by York.

GW7AAV sneaks of to bed uttering other Shakespeare mis-quotes.