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Hi Mick,

A while ago I did think about having a dedicated thread on the reflector for general comments about current activity. I could make this ‘sticky’ so it stays on top of the reflector posts and could even display the first lines of say the latest few comments underneath it so new comments were easily visible. In fact, this is starting to sound very much like a ‘chat box’!

I thought about calling it the daily ‘sideband’ or something. It would then refresh to a new one at midnight UTC to start over again for the next day’s activity.

73, Jon

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Hi Roy,

This is not about relocating the comments line. That will stay where it is.

This is about reducing the number of ‘spurious’ spots. I.e. those that are not really spots but requests for freq change or just odd comments about an activation (i.e. ‘nothing heard here’). These are helpful but end up swamping the actual spots and triggering unecessary webmon alerts.

It is these that might be better in a ‘chat box’ facility.

Hope this clarifies things.

73, Jon

What Mick is refering to I think is for example a signal report that I give from ON land as a spot for an activator who is on 5 Mhz at that time. For Mick it is of no use, but maybe the activator is interested in it. I’ve heard other people mention it to the activator.
So Mick gets a webmon message on his screen but in a way it is the same as the one before where the activator was spotted on that QRG.


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OK Jon that’s fine. I understand now and agree.
73 Roy

No problem Mick, didn’t feel “attacked” .And I do agree with you as far as the spots page is concerned.

73, hope it’s as sunny in U.K. as it is here ( for once) :slight_smile:


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That`ll teach you to live in Clitheroe - its sunny sunny sunny in Buxton. (although it is blowing a gale)

look on the bright side, Mick if you want a green countryside you have to water it from time to time :slight_smile:

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if you want a green countryside you have
to water it from time to time :slight_smile:

Unfortunately our countryside turns into knee deep black mud so that we have to wade to many summits :frowning:

Maybe we are overdoing the watering?



What about the hosepipe ban in the south Richard? Is it still forbidden to use too much water?

But we’re diverting “slightly” from the original topic :slight_smile:


touché, Mick :slight_smile: