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Chasing with qro - does it have to be?

After more than 500 activations, I was aware of being a chaser for the first time today. With my 10W KX2 and the usual efhw I went to a beautiful pond.

And was curious whether I would have a chance compared to the chasers, some of whom were equipped with PAs and beams.

What can I say, I reached every summit, even the ones I could barely read. And that without the help of the S2S or /p heckling.

Qro or not qro - that’s not a question for me.
73 Chris


I agree! Since an activator usually has very low noise on the summit, you do not need QRO. Rather, a low receive noise floor at the chaser QTH is important to be able to copy the activator signal. Judging from your location, you seem to have indeed achieved a low noise floor! Chasing can be just as much fun as activating. I did a few successful chases here in Norway at quiet locations over the last few weeks.


Wouter Jan LA/PE4WJ


make use of XIT as a trick to bust into pileups when operating qrp or lower power. Some people may look down on this practice as it doesn’t maximize efficient use of bandwidth but it works well and I don’t think the bands are so crowded at any given time that transmitting 10 Hz off the zero-beat frequency is going to be significant.


Calling off frequency is a good technique to stand out but some stations call too far away. I had two callers on my activation of G/NP-008 today that were very weak. Then I realised they were quite high pitched so I used the RIT and they both became much easier to read.

I don’t do much chasing from home (or much operating at all) and I always struggle to hear the chasers but when on a summit they are usually easy to read. I will have to try chasing from a field.


Yeah, I usually go about +10Hz with XIT to make sure I am likely still within the filtering on the other end

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Yes, I’d say calling a bit off freq. helps, but don’t go too far. I’ve notice that
a lot of the activator’s filters are wider than mine here at home. Sometimes I have
to tune around to find the stations they’re working. I use a VERY narrow filter to
bring up the real weak signals and eliminate any noise.
And I only use the PA when I’m not getting through with the “barefoot” radio.
(Sometimes the G90, sometimes the IC7600). Sometimes the activator has
noise or QRM, so a bit of power does the job.

John, K6YK