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Chasing "Unofficial" Activations

Hey guys,
Yesterday, I was activating Bare Mountain, (W1/CR-014) and one of the 2m contacts we made was to a gentleman on Mount Greylock (W1/MB-001). Now, he wasn’t officially activating the mountain as a SOTA peak, so can we claim the 6 points for working him?

Thanks and 73,

In reply to K1MAZ:

If he was compliant with the rules for activation then yes. So that means he wasn’t in a car etc. or using a generator or power from a building etc. Claim it in good faith if you know or think it would have been a valid activation. If at some point later you find out it wasn’t then you just delete the claim.


In reply to K1MAZ:

Yes, and don’t forget the guy on Mount Greylock can go into the sota database and submit that as a valid activation (like Andy said, as long as compliant with the rules, the 4 needed QSOs etc…) at any point in the future.


It is often worth asking these “unofficial”/“unannounced”/“unintentional”/“unplanned” (however it can be described!) activations a few questions about their working conditions to establish whether or not it is a valid SOTA operation. I always do if working a 2m FM operator on Winter Hill G/SP-010 or Great Orme GW/NW-070 for instance (and some others). These are both possible “drive to the top”, so always worth checking.

Of course, if they are operating genuinely portable, away from cars, buildings and generators, then you can tell them that they are SOTA qualifying and advise them of the reference. Also, that they can enter the activation on the SOTA Database upon their return (pre-registration is not necessary).

So it can be a way to recruit a new op into SOTA.