Chasing the end of summer: Yet another VE7/SL expedition

Last week I headed up Rainbow Mountain (VE7/SL-078) near Whistler, BC, to take advantage of the last week of good weather before the fall rains arrive. It was a great day, but the band conditions were quite challenging. I was making it into Arizona on 20m and nowhere else. Fortunately it was a great day and i could squeeze out four contacts before we had to turn around and head back down. Overall it was a 10 hour trip climbing more than 1,700m over 23.6 km. It had a little bit of everything, wide open valleys, dense temperate jungle, alpine lakes, boulder hopping, and even some snow!

For a full trip report and more pictures, check out the blog: Chasing the end of summer on Rainbow Mountain (VE7/SL-078) | Summits and Radios

Hanging lake with Rainbow Mountain in the background

Boulder fields

Permanent snow fields near the top