Chasing my first hundred (and one) summits

Today I managed to reach a milestone of 100 (and 1) unique summits chased, mainly on HF. I’d worked the odd summit here and there on HF and VHF/UHF as I came across them; but having been stuck inside with a broken ankle (not from climbing summits :stuck_out_tongue: ) during the long Easter weekend a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself hooked on chasing summits on HF.

Being fairly new to ham radio, I’ve made a few mistakes along the way chasing, but I’ve learnt a lot via chasing SOTA: how to work QRP stations, patience with QSB, and listening closely.

My favourite QSO so far was my unique summit number 101, working SV8/G8JSM/P today on SV/IO-004. Coming across him on 20m having not been spotted yet, and realising he couldn’t hear me at all, I spotted him SOTAWatch (amazing how quick the pile up of chasers appeared!). Once the pile up passed 30mins later… through the regular QSB, lightning storms causing bad QRM, and my comprised set up (Xeigu G90 only 20W with dipole in attic)… it took a few minutes to get my call sign out the noise, but we finally made the QSO. Thanks @G8JSM for your excellent operation and taking the time to make the QSO with me.

I’d like to thank all the activators for their hard work making this such a fun part of the amateur radio hobby, and look forward to future QSOs.


Oh dear!

That’s pretty much standard for this aspect of our hobby though. Congratulations on your first hundred!


That all sounds good Steven (except the broken ankle of course, I hope it is mending well!)

Welcome aboard,


Welcome aboard Steven. I’ll second Fraser’s sentiment. This aspect of the hobby can be quite addictive. But I guess I mean that in a good way.
Hope to catch you from a W1 summit some time soon.
73, fred