Chasing in Style

Today I decided to combine several hobbies, SOTA, the countryside and drawing.

I took a deck chair up to Axe Edge IO93af:

There I carried the deck chair across the moor a few tens of metres and set it up facing East. I attached an aerial and added my FT817 set to monitor 2m SSB. While sketching the view I listened and bagged M3NVJ on Caer Caradoc (FM) and GW8HXE on Mynydd Eppynt SW-018 (who was not spotted it seems). A lovely relaxing way to spend a couple of hours.



In reply to G3CWI:

It looks to me from the Google Maps Street view that maybe you could have left the sketching for a rainy day and sat in front of the PC with a sketch pad ;0)

I tried to combine painting with SOTA not so long ago, working from my photographs. I consider myself quite artistic and I had been inspired by my aunt’s water colours. Unfortunately I ended up with a brown soggy mess every time. Either I need to do a night school course in water colours or I will try acrylics or oils next time. Oh well back to Photoshop for now.

Steve GW7AAV