Chasing EA5NR/P on EA5/AT-062

Just a quick note to say had a nice walk with my YL yesterday with the intention of maybe catching other activators for a quick chase. 20m was awash with contest stations but right towards the end I caught a quick QSO with EA5NR/P on EA5/AT-062 with a 5/8, 5/9.

Some photos of my portable operating and a sunshine and showers afternoon in the Lakes!

The weather was terrible today - I resorted to using the SOTABeams quad bander with squid pole strapped to the back of the car whilst my daughter was playing hockey:

Video: QSO with short skip on 40m today to Dutch station Sascha PF9Z - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio - using the FT817 and MiNiPA50 45w amplifier. Iā€™d rather be up a hill! Also spoke to the special event station PIARCG with a fox-hunt balloon release and the Tour of Britain special event station GB4TB - on groundwave I suspect.

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