Chasing a demoted SOTA summit (G/LD-055)

Shouldn’t the ‘system’ prevent a chaser or activator from logging a contact to a demoted SOTA summit?

I worked Geoff @GM4WHA on G/LD-059 Muncaster Fell today. I also worked him on the nearby WOTA LDO-103, Muncaster Fell (Hooker Crag), which used to be the SOTA summit G/LD-055 now demoted. When I submitted my G/LD-059 log I checked ‘Show who chased me’ as usual and found Geoff’s G/LD-055 entry. Now, I will contact Geoff of course but I’m concerned how it is even possible to submit a log entry to the SOTA database for a non-existent summit.

Can anyone explain please?

73 Andy


Hi Andy,

My fault entirely as i forgot Muncaster fell was LD-059 not LD-055. I selected it by mistake. All sorted now.

2 other summits which were deleted not long after SOTA started are still in the list these being LD-002 and LD-016.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

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I knew it was a mistake Geoff - it’s easy to get the two summits mixed up. My point is, if G/LD-055 were no longer selectable for new activations, the error would not occur.

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You can select it because the summit was valid at some point, you could be entering a QSO from when the summit was valid as the various fields are not checked during selection. Only when all the data is entered and you submit all the data is the summit checked and if not valid, scores nothing.