Chasing - A couple of very basic questions

Hi folks - It’s probably (definitely) me, but I have a couple of questions I can’t immediately see answered in the rules, so please forgive me…

Basically, do you only ever get points ONCE for working a particular summit? Or are there more points to be gained by working the same summit. If so, what qualifies: different date, activator, mode, band?

Thanks and 73 - Martin, G4EFE

I’m sure somebody will be quick to correct me but my understanding is that you can only claim the points for chasing a summit once per day, with the “reset” being at midnight.

I have heard of activators doing late night activations to work chasers before midnight, then working the same chasers again just after midnight.

Edit:- Just re-read what I’ve typed & realised that it may not have been completely clear…for clarification, I’m referring to chasing 1 specific summit. You can chase multiple summits per day & get the points for all of them but you can only claim points for each summit once per day.

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Every chase is worth points except same summit on same day.
Happy chasing, Martin.

Adding to this - it’s the summit and UTC day that is important.

So if two different activators activate the same summit on the same day - then you only get the chaser points for the first contact but please still work the second activator as he/she still needs 4 contacts to get the activator points for the summit.

In Australia, the UTC day changeover occurs mid-morning local time, so that was a favourite activity of this activator (as VK2JI) to be on the summit over the UTC day changeover so that the chasers can work me twice and get double points. As the activator I only got the points for the summit once - with one exception … January 1st each year allows the activator to also double his summit points by operating before and after the UTC Year changeover.

73 Ed DD5LP/VK2JI.


If you want to see a change-over activation on steroids, look at the alerts by KD5ZZK starting DEC 26. A few years ago, I joked that he should do a string of activations going West from his home at year end and do the same ones in reverse after the year change-over. Egad, he is actually doing it. I’ll be first in line to work him. Love it. Now all we need is to get him to try CW.


Thats a good idea I always do a before and after UTC roll over calendar year my new years morning for double points as calendar year changes, usually on a drive up 1 pointer 300 km away. But a couple days before drive out and do a summit each day then do the same on the way home. As Ed says that rule Re 2 activators and chasers only getting a score for one person is a bit mean I think. When Hugh and I activate together for safety, land access and fuel costs etc Hugh does sideband and I do cw to spread the points around our faithful chasers. Some times our morning summit we can work chasers either side of UTC roll over if the time line is right. But we are lucky in vk5 UTC roll over is 9:30 am or 10:30 DST.
Ian vk5cz …

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Ian might be wrong, or he is misquoting Ed. Chaser points only once per day per person per peak. As to activators, though, you’ll need to show me in the rules where it says only one activator in an expedition gets points for a single peak per day.

Elliott, K6EL

It doesn’t. And I don’t think anybody has said that.

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This will apply also to 3rd and beyond.
There are many different ways of arranging this when sharing kit.

Hi El,

I think Ed correctly stated the rules. He was talking about the chaser getting the chaser points for only one contact with a specific summit, per UTC day. He added the comment about working any other activators on that summit in order to allow them to qualify their activations.

Always interested in rules threads but I think many questions are so simply resolved by just reading the rules - again if applicable - not directed at you of course. I see questions asked many times on various facebook threads, all of which would be resolved if the rules were to be read.

In this case rule 3.8 items 3 and 8 are especially relevant.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

Edited for clarification…

Simply put, it’s the UTC date that is the separator. Work the summit once per UTC date and get the points for that summit once per UTC day.

Some activators and chasers like to work the summit on as many modes and bands as possible, as a personal challenge. But in the core SOTA scoring plan, repeat contacts don’t affect the score at all.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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