Chasers - please be careful with GW8OGI GM8OTI GW0


I have recently had an email from David, GW0OGI, complaining that his XYL had found out that his callsign had been spotted in the SOTA database on days that he was supposed to be in work! David is not currently a SOTA activator so he was a bit surprised!

Checking against my log, I realised a chaser had entered my callsign incorrectly, changing the 8 to a 0, thus saving his marriage :slight_smile:

Last week I did a surprise activation near Edinburgh as GM8OGI/P. I was a bit put out when a couple of stations called me John, but hey, my memory’s not what it used to be either. When I got home and looked at the day’s spots however, I realised that in fact John GM8OTI/P had been on an hour earlier.

Sometimes I get called Gerald (G4OIG), GW8OIG, etc etc.

So please bear in mind:

GW0OGI is not currently a SOTA activator.

There are now several similar callsigns with O,I and G in them, please check which one you are working!!


Ian, Golf Whiskey Eight Oscar Golf India

In reply to GW8OGI:

Apologies to Monty Python… Would it cause less confusion if we were to call you Bruce? That’s you (OGI), Gerald (OIG), Roger (OWG) and John (OTI) that is!



In reply to MM0FMF:

It would probably help me - my memory is steadily deteriorating and I was never good at names :wink:

Bruce GM8OTI

In reply to GM8OTI:

It’s not an uncommon problem, I remember some confusion when I used to join the net after the 5 megs RSGB news, as another regular was G8ABB which without phonetics sounds like G8ADD.


Brian G8ADD

You can imagine the number of times I have activated from a summit on 2m FM and been called “Alan” by the calling station! Especially in the early days of SOTA when Alan M1EYO (who sat his RAE in the same room as me in Harrogate) was the leading SOTA activator and the G Association Manager.


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We have the same problem here sometimes…
so sometimes if someone call me Andy i know he has the wrong call :slight_smile:

best 73 de Tom

I remember being confused when I was first called by chaser DL3HSC. I had heard of the prolific activator Harold DL2HSC…!


Hi All,

I sometimes have this problem as well. When I’m operating on the radio some operators call me Tom because I have a similar callsign to Tom.

Tom’s callsign is M1EYP and my callsign is M3EYP.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:
I have the same problem when on hf, my call is m0sgb name is steven, but a lot off stations get me confused with steven g0sgb, who a lot will know who is into lighthouses,