Chaser time format in database

I have just noticed that the time format in my chaser log entries are of the format 10:23 where in my activator log entries are in the format 10:23z
Does anyone know why this is? Does it matter, as you can only enter time in UTC?
Does 10:23 = 10:23z in the database


Yes, you are supposed to use UTC time for all chaser and activator entries.

Yes I know, but to clarify my question, why do my activator time fields automatically end with z suffix but not my chaser time fields when you can only enter time in the format hh:mm.


This is likely an inconsistency from the software engineer (or engineers). To be honest., I never noticed it.

Is possible that the letter Z refers to the Zulu time wich is the same as saying UTC time.

I suspect this is purely a cosmetic inconsistency. Different code, written at a different time, just happened to come out slightly different. Databases normally store dates and times in an internal binary format which is optimised for handling queries, with the conversion to textual format for display purposes done only when needed. Many different human-readable formats can be generated from the same internal value.

I would be very surprised if there were any more to it than that.