Chaser roll of honour - SM

Go to the toplist and watch SM6CMU climbing to the number 1 position in SM in real-time, hi!
Good DX Ingemar, 73 de Eric (36 years old today)

In reply to SM1TDE:
Happy birthday Eric! It´s your fault that I´ve been beaten by the SOTA bug. I will activate a few summits in SM2 in early August on my way to Lofoten to give you a few points! Best 73 Ingo

In reply to SM1TDE:
Eric HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Ljungby!
Sorry to tell you, but I also have got the SOTA fever.Just now lot´s of time to check the cw QRGs, my 65 years give me a good chance to stay at home and listen on my rig.
I am already planning to go north next summer wiht my 3 grandchildren ( boys 14-16 years) and live scoutlife up in the mountains. Not too bad for an old man like me. Greetings to Christer !
73 de Mats SM7BUA

In reply to SM7BUA:
Good to hear that the SOTA-fever is spreading!
I am at home until August 12 being a full-time dad for Embla (2 years old) so plenty of time in the shack…

In reply to SM1TDE:
To take care of Embla must be a blessig!
Will she activate cw soon also? I hope so.
It would be nice to have a summit on Öland and Gotland, but it seem difficult HI.
I hope to be able to go down to Kullaberg during summer. Better than nothing!
73 de Mats

In reply to SM7BUA:
Hi Mats

I hope to be able to activate Kullaberg on the way to Öland (driving from Copenhagen airport) on the 25th July (XYL and first harmonic permitting) but alas no summits on Öland… hi.

Hope to work you during summer.

73 Marc G0AZS (SM7ZAU)

In reply to G0AZS:
Hello Marc
I have read your questions b4 abt battery problem, I hope you will find a good solution!
Driving from Kullaberg and E4 upp to Ljungby and then east to Öland will be passing by my home QTH. Please call me on the local repeater R5 145.725 when you will be close to Ljungby. I am planning to be home that day.

I will also be active from Öland in 2 weeks , QTH is Föra north of Borgholm.
Monitoring 7032 kHz from time to time there.
73 es gl on Kullaberg!