Chaser Points, when Activator did less than 4 qsos

sorry, I did not find an answer to my question - or I did not understand the answer, when I read it: When I have less then 4 valid qsos from a summit, I will not get any Points - thats clear. But will the chasers, who had a valid radio contact to me, get the Points, when I put these qsos into the Database?

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My understanding of rules and pratice is:
Yes, they will get points and the *
If an activator transmits from a summit (and his
activation is in accordance to SOTA rules - portable,
no generator etc) and he puts no log to the SOTA
page the chasers will get their points but no *

Cu on the SOTA
Mike, dj5av

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tnx for the Info, Mike. I will try this. Every qso, i do, is a hiking portable one and the most of them are from summits with a sota reference. Life is too short, to do just one hobby at the same time.

73 cu

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Hi, John, I confirm that Mike is correct.


Brian G8ADD