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Chaser on telly!

Live now (8.15pm 15 March 2016) on BT Sport Europe (Virgin channel 532, Sky channel 414). The bloke in the opposition dugout - ie Dynamo Kiev’s manager. He has worked me when I was on Shining Tor G/SP-004 once, and another time when I was on Gun G/SP-013. He hasn’t logged the chaser contacts on the SOTA Database though - yet…

So we’ve only got your word for it!

G1FOA (Tongue in check)

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You want proof? I got proof… I’ve got a LOTW confirmation for the QSO from Gun G/SP-013!

I got an eQSL from him too, but this was for a contact made from home.

Database says:

UT0U, 09:43, 2015-05-17, 28MHz, CW , M1EYP/P, G/SP-004, Shining Tor

Wikipedia says:

Rebrov is a licensed amateur radio-operator and an active contester and has been active with the following callsigns: UT5UDX (Ukraine), M0SDX (England), TA2ZF (Turkey) and UT0U (Ukrainian contest-callsign).

Sergey Rebrov UT5UDX / M0SDX is an excellent, well known contester.
Any contester active during last 20 or so years (me included) has probably worked him many times.

Wow that’s amazing Tom, how did you spot him was he holding the antenna? :joy:


I guess that’s what the dynamo is for… :smile:


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I had no idea who he was but, after reading your post, I’ve checked my log and found I’ve had QSOs with him several times under three different callsigns: UT5UDX, UT0U and ER0WW.
Never got his eQSL as UT0U, but yes with the other callsingns:

In the dates when these QSOs were made, I didn’t know about SOTA, so all or most of these were contest, not SOTA QSOs…

73 de Guru

I have worked Sergey many times over the Years and have a few of his qsl cards.

He played for Dynamo Kiev and was transferred to Tottenham where he played for some time. Think he then went to play in Turkey and has played for many other teams since then. Very good contest operator too.


John VK6NU