Chaser Log Upload / Download processing bug?

I have today (as I do from time to time) uploaded a CSV of my recent chaser log and then downloaded the full CSV log (just in case), but having looked at the resultant CSV (in MS Excel) there are two contacts with the same activator on two different summits (both on same date) where the points for the contact have been pushed into an extra column to the right (all other contacts the same day are fine).

It seems that an extra value consisting of just a single space have been inserted. Now looking at the on screen (HMTL Table) the score is fine, but the comments column had an extra comma added for these two contacts, so it may be that I did something odd when I created the CSV to add them into the Database and that the upload code did not spot the mistake.

I will delete those contacts an re-add them to resolve it, but perhaps the CSV upload code on the site could (when time permits) be checked/changed to detect this sort of problem ?

In reply to G0LGS:

Send me the CSV file and I’ll play (when I’ve warmed up after White Coomb)!

mm0fmf_sota AT and put DATABASE in the title.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manger.