Chaser log bulk delete

I have uploaded incorrect data into my chaser log during the second half of 2015. I can quickly correct the original CSV files I used to submit, but before uploading them I obviously must delete the old data in the database first. There are totally 377 entries in question. So far I see the only method of deleting the entries one by one (deleting plus confirming I am serious about it), which would definitely drive me mad. Is there any way of bulk deleting all the entries between two different dates?
73, Ruda, OK2QA

Sadly not Ruda.

But send me an email or PM with the details of what is to be deleted and will remove them for you.

Hi Andy, thanks for the quick reaction.
Sorry, I am unable to send you an email as you obviously keep your email address secret (, Buckmaster,…)
Well, I need to delete all entries dated after 19 July 2015.
BTW, another idea came to my mind: I would download complete log, delete the complete log in the database, make the quick correction in the downloaded file by Notepad and upload the corrected file back. However, deleting the complete log seems to be not possible as well.
73, Ruda OK2QA

Click on my avatar then click message. That will send a personal message to me on this reflector.

Or you can use the contact form at Summits on the Air

Or mail me at mm0fmf_sota AT (replace the AT)

No, don’t do that. It would take a long to verify and score your upload. Anyway, to stop you doing that there is no bulk feature!

Thanks for enlightening me about the contact options.
So please delete the log section as defined above.
OR, (maybe it could be simpler for you, I don’t know), just replace all fields with my call OK2QA/P by OK2QA without portable indicator… Those very few exceptions where /P really does belong (i.e. S2S QSOs) I can adjust manually.

OK, I will change all chaser QSOs after 19-jul-2015 from OK2QA/P to OK2QA and leave S2S as they are.


Ruda, all done.

That’s great, Andy. Thank you for your efforts.
73, Ruda

Sorry Andy to jump on the bandwagon, hi.
There is an unsightly thing under the motto “I’ve Been Everywhere” (beloved song…) - which, in the present case, may be true as a chaser but unfortunately not as an activator.

Joachim DJ5AA has logged his chaser QSOs (as DJ5AA, DJ5AA/p, OK/DJ5AA/p, SV5/DJ5AA/p) from 24.05.2015-02.08.2015 on a colleagues PC erroneously (also) as activator QSOs (just over 100), what he deeply regrets.

Because Joachim could not make friends with the new DM-ARM, he stopped his activity as SOTA activator. He explained that he is therefore no longer interested to adjust/delete the logs in question in the SOTA DB.

Andy, may I hope you will apply another bulk delete to keep our lovely mountains clean?!

Heinz, I can sort this in a few moments but I need to be at home not in the office. Also I am away contesting this weekend (IARU Region 1 2m). I’ll contact you about this and we can get Joachim sorted out so he is able to recommence SOTA.

OT: What’s your contest call Andy?

I thought of a repair Andy and not a complete deletion, please don’t overshoot, hi.
Thanks and gl on your planned activities!

OK Heinz… when I fixed Ruda’s log I thought I should come up with a generic solution for some problems which are more likely to occur again. The scripts are still in development but one of them is to move QSOs logged as activations into chases and another is to move chase QSOs into activations.

I did think these could be available to users but I thought that when people make a mistake they often panic a little. The last thing you should do is to give a panicked user and edit function! So I’ll keep these for my use as I can backup the users logs THEN move the QSOs about.

I’ll be in touch.


Just to say Al has uploaded Activation instead of Chaser log.
I think it is easy to delete theese entries.

73s from Gerald F6HBI

I tried to contact DJ5AA about the chases of YU summits he erroneously logged as activations in june 2015, but got no answer.

73 Fric YU1WC

Hi Fric,
did’nt got you in the log yesterday from F/AM-170!

I also sent mail to Al, but no answer so i tried using the reflector.

I found those entries while i am working on the list of French Summits, to correct
the Reference database.

Best 73 Gerald

I’ve cleaned up DJ5AA’s activation log. I’ve also checked the QSOs were in his chaser log and they were and have added the missing S2S QSOs as well.

Let me know if there are any I missed.

Thanks Andy, considerable effort in the general interest, once again!

I will forward your info to Joachim - in the hope that he will return to SOTA again someday :wink:

That would be nice. I know he’s chased me in the past… I remember hearing DJ5A and writing V before it was sent only I had to correct it to DJ5AA :wink: