Chaser imports to newsotadata

I thought I would try an import of a chaser file to newsotadata.
Whereas sotadata rejected duplicates and tells you that it is doing so newsotadata just pulls them all in.
Anyone else see this?


Hi Esther
Don’t know with a file but work for me one by one !
Not a big help
73 Eric

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Send me the file. There is dupe detection in there. admin @

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The file itself doesn’t have dupes in it. Its when there are some chases in the file that are already on sotadata the old system used to tell you that these are already on but newsotadata just uploads them all again. hope that explains it better!

No, I get it, but clearly something in the file isn’t tripping the dupe detection. Please email me the file at the above address.

Complex interaction of caching, time representation and general incompetence on my part. Net result was it only worked for S2S. I’ve tested the changes and this should now work.


I removed the dupes and tried the same file again
It took a very long time compared to the old database to say that they were dupes but it did and it didn’t upload them. I then uploaded my file with a few chases from March added and it reported all the Feb ones as dupes with the March as being correct but unlike the old database it didn’t say it would ignore the dupes and add the new ones it just said correct the errors and try again - is this the way it will be from now on?

At the moment, chaser dupes are handled like any other duplicate (due to the fact that the upload is now combined). It is possible to ignore them, but I need to work that out so that I don’t break duplicate activation uploads too.

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