Chaser certificate

Im trying to fill in a request for chaser caertificate on the shop page , 2500 points.
Ive filled in the required/asked data and when clicking add to cart it write me ’ The following caracters are invalid’ i…
What am i doing wrong?
Eyran 4X4-2238

The flipant answer is you are putting invalid characters in the response. But that doesn’t help you. However, as nobody knows what you were trying to add then we can’t help you. Maybe you could paste the exact text here? Or you can mail Barry with the problem if you don’t want to paste the text in public, but he wont be able to reply till December 18th.

Well , not im typing english characters only , attached the screenshoots.

And then when clicking add to cart:

Ok i figured out the problem
The (-) character in 4X4-2238 is probably not allowed…
Will order as 4X42238 and would ask by email to type 4X4-2238…
Sry for noobness

Hi Eyran, you may find underscore ( _ ) works while minus ( - ) doesn’t. I see your ID on the reflector uses the underscore.

I presume 4X4-2238 or 4X4_2238 is an SWL ID?

73 Ed DD5LP.

Yes Ed


Congratulations on your 2,500 points and greetings from the West Coast of Wales.


Tnx Don
I got 3k+ points , i hope all QSOs will be verified for the Award.
73 gd chase