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Chaser callsign clarification


I worked Robin GM7PKT/P this weekend whilst operating from GB1FVS. Can I claim this towards my chaser points?

73 Glyn…GM4CFS


In reply to GM4CFS:

As long as it was a special event call and it wasn’t a repeater.



While we’re on the subject, there’s a DE0MSD in the chaser’s list.

As far as I know this is an SWL callsign in Germany. Maybe this OM isn’t aware of the existance of an SWL chasers list.

The more the merrier in this list I would say.

Don’t know who on Sota can fix this?



In reply to GM4CFS:
Thanks guys will submit the points. Seems I missed a fair bit of chasing this weekend, I was involved in the Scouts Centenary Camps with my local radio club. Scout where, however, impressed with Adventure Radio and how quick a radio station could be set up and someone worked.




The chaser honour roll is indeed just for licensed amateurs who make contact with the activators. Otherwise, the logs should be emailed to me for inclusion in the SWL honour roll. It is not so much a case of “fixing” it, more that if this entry is indeed just of SWL logs, then it should be deleted by the claimant concerned and resubmitted to me via email.

If a few more SWLs start to regularly submit logs, then it should be possible to have a SWL section in the database alongside the existing chaser and activator sections.


Regarding the original point, you can claim all contacts you as an individual made to your personal score under your home callsign. In my own case, I have SOTA activator and chaser contacts claimed on the database, under my M1EYP account, that involve me using the following callsigns:


As Mick says, just enter whatever callsign was actually used in the “callsign used” field when submitting chaser or activator entries. The points accrue to the individual, not the callsign.


In reply to M1EYP:

Agreed Tom,

I think the system for the SWL’s as it is at the moment works perfect, furthermore there’s only limited participation.

Just thought I’d mention “the intruder” hi hi. I think it more a case of not knowing that there is indeed a seperate SWL database.