Chaser Award

Hello …
I claimed the SOTA Chaser Award 100 points and success with Paypal … and I was the first to claim from Indonesia …
The type of award I am requesting is a PDF … how long will it take to be issued?

best regards
Galih de YC2VOC


Hi Galih,

Barry is currently absent so I believe he would have put a note in the order confirmation as to when it should be able to get done. I would expect in the next day or two.

Congratulations. Now for the next level.


The expected date was in the confirmation email you received.

Hello Galh, congratulation for achieving this award. Now to the next levels.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

thank you Sir,. I am really waiting for the award

Thankyu Mr Ron

I haven’t received an email confirmation. that’s why I’m confused

Thankyou Sir

Check your spam/junk mail folders.

In which case you might not have received the pdf which was emailed yesterday

Let me know

Yes, Sir
from after my successful payment with paypal until now I have not received any email and PDF files

Please check your spam folder, the emails would have come from

I have checked in spam and there is no incoming email from SOTA Award , Sir

Galih, I have just sent a test message to your given email address, did you receive it?

Good evening Andy.

Maybe Galih has the same problem as I did with my email domain. Only when I took another one you could provide me the access.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Well it is very strange for Galih’s provider to act the way it is. It’s the one I would recommend because it normally works without these kind of problems. I pinged Galih from my “junk” mail account and that worked fine. The provider Barry uses is one of the largest in the UK and you’d expect that to work too!

email problems are what we normally deal with when all the SOTA servers are working :wink:

I have sent the files to Galih’s gmail address - he used a Yahoo email account for the order and I have numerous problems with Yahoo (don’t ask me why - I am a retired analogue design engineer and don’t understand this funny digital stuff :joy:)

when I claim and fill in the data with my gmail email … thank you chaser award i just received
Case close :joy: see you to the next level

Best Regards
Galih de YC2VOC

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