Chaser antenna - the G3TXQ HexBeam

While I am primarily an activator this has lead to many non SOTA wilderness activations during some of which I have used this rather nice UK HexBeam including being one half of W6E in the California QSO Party.

It seems a very viable antenna for a chaser…

Which ever you choose, happy reading or deleting.



Thanks Paul - very useful as it was something I was looking at for the future, hopefully if the sun continues to be active the higher bands will become more usable, and a bit of gain would help!

Paul G4IPB

Looks good! How much does it weigh?
72 Manu.

It weighs 6 kilograms

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A similar antenna more suitable for portable operation.

I do not have one, so cannot comment on its suitability, but it does look interesting for some portable operation.


In reality the two antennas are remarkably similar in specs with the Welsh one having the edge over the one you offered up. The “biggest” difference is that the Welsh one is 6" shorter in length when disassembled and ready to be packed.

Portable is a subjective term and to me conjures up thoughts of lugging gear as an activator. The missing piece in this is the support and the Welsh one and I suspect the one you shared need a very sturdy mast such as the SpiderBeam that I use which is far from light.

My description of this gear combo is transportable and not portable but maybe that is just a nit.

Thanks for sharing the details of this alternative as its good to get a complete picture of what is available.