Chaser alert: HB9SOTA group activation on Sunday, Jan 19

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, the Swiss SOTA Group HB9SOTA will conduct its first winter outing for the year. We will have a group activation of HB/BE-151 Selibühl. There’s been unusually little snow at medium altitudes this year, but we do anticipate having wintery temperatures. In any case, BE-151 is perhaps the easiest snowshoe hike in the country (a climb of 139 meters, just over 1 km to hike), and in fact I have brought multiple people there for their first SOTA snowshoe experience.

Most of the group should have reached the summit by noon local time. Afterwards we will meet at the Berggasthaus Selibühl, a charming restaurant halfway from the parking area to the summit activation zone. We will be on the air from mid morning until mid afternoon. Keep a watch on the alerts. Because there will be so many activators on the air, there can easily be confusion – so it is important for chasers to be sure with which station they are having a QSO.

As in the past for such group activations, please help us make certain that every activator gets the required 4 QSOs. If you hear someone calling CQ several times with no response, please jump in and help him/her out.

We look forward to hearing from many of you!

on behalf of HB9SOTA