Chase mapping showing other callsigns than mine

I have three completed chases, one on 2020-05-31, two on 2020-06-07. When I go to the Chases mapping page and put in the period from Jan 2002 - June 2020, none of mine show, but a bunch of other call signs do. Am I entering the criteria wrong, or is this an error in the database?

Your report of this to the MT dated 7-jun-2020 2336Z is already being dealt with.

Thank you

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Would this be the same reason why my S2S isn’t showing up on my activations map?

Probably not, but if you send me some details on what you’re looking for and how you’re looking for it, I will endeavour to work out what’s going on.

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For the highlighted activation in the top grid, it shows 4 QSOs, and the 4 is bold. One of those was an S2S with K2CZH who was on W1/MB-001. In the bottom grid, it is only showing the 3 regular QSOs, and nothing in the S2S column.

Looks to be working now. I am guessing perhaps there was a delay in the synchronising of the SMP database to the SOTA database (it can be up to 48 hours).

Not for me, I’m seeing the same 3 activation QSOs and no S2S QSO.

This is what I see:

I’ve also tried impersonating your user and can also see the S2S QSO. Could you try with a fresh browser or Private Browsing just to rule out a cache or cookie problem?

Tried using a private browser, both logged in and not logged in. Cleared all cookies and cache. Also tried Chrome instead of Firefox. No joy.

An odd thing happened after I cleared cache. While I was logged out, I checked on the still occurring problem with my chaser map. The old, random chases were gone, and two of mine were there. But, the map showed the path from my location to off the coast of Africa, back to the activator. When I logged in, those disappeared and the old, random call signs were back.

Bear in mind this isn’t my code, so I may have this slightly wrong, but basically there’s a hashing process that goes on taking callsign and activation details so that callsigns can be searched. As you are probably aware, callsigns are not a unique identifier (eg, club callsigns can be used by multiple users), and callsigns have a range of other issues if you travel often or sign /P when portable. There is a process that strips callsigns down to their root, then hashes that to a random string and inserts it into the database. This hash contains the activation/chase details, callsigns and relevant information around the activation/chase

Historically, the SMP project has its own copy of the database as Rob, the creator, felt that he couldn’t achieve what he wanted without full write access to a database, and we felt that giving full external access to the database unwise. As such, there’s a synchronisation process once a day that joins up the data. This sync process is not perfect for many reasons, and the problems there are largely insurmountable. Well, insurmountable in the sense that I could fix them or I could work to eliminate the need for a separate database, and I prefer the latter approach as it’s more scalable long term and less effort.

The tl;dr for your case is I probably need to delete your entries in the SMP database and get them to resync somehow.

I completely understand, and I consider it a “nice to have” not a “must have”, and that there are probably many tasks more important than this. I thank you for your time and effort.

I should add that I don’t understand yet why I can see the S2S and you can’t. But I’ll play a round a bit later and see possible areas it can break.

Did another S2S today, and it’s not showing. I’m also getting a pop-up that reads:

Message is: No year-chart data

It’s definitely in there. The year-chart error suggests a missing user id. I’ll switch to PM to follow up