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Chao da Poza EA1/LU-010 & Mt. do Curisco EA1/LE-191 by EA2IF/P on 06/08/2017

My wife and kids willl still remain a couple of weeks in EA1/CR area, but, after one month, my summer holiday is over and I had to drive back to my home QTH in Pamplona EA2/NV on Sunday August 6th.
It’s a nearly 700 Km drive and this is the route I followed:

For the 3rd year in a row, I took advantage of the 2 SOTA 6 points summits being very conveniently at each side of the A6 highway right by the borders of the provinces of Lugo and Leon and having an asphalted road up to the very top, given that there are towers and telecommunication antennas on both summits.

The temperature was cool but not cold at all and there were some clouds lifting from the top of the mountain when I got to the Summit of Chao da Poza EA1/LU-010.

By the time I set up with the fishing rod tied to the branches of an oak tree and started my operation, the sun was already shining and it felt very nicely under its warmth.
I was going to start on 40m CW but I was told by my colleagues and friends in Pamplona that they weren’t copying me, so I moved to 30m to start the activation.
30m CW let me log 10 QSOs in 8 minutes. Then QSYed to 20m SSB, where I logged 4 QSOs in 2 minutes.
No more callers made me QSY to CW, as didn’t have too much time to spend CQing
20m CW produced 6 more QSOs in 5 minutes and I finally QSYed back to 40m, where I chased DK1WI/P activating DM/RP-398 and then called CQ and managed to log 2 more QSOs.
All in all, 23 QSOs. This is the full log:

This is the S2S log:

After QRT, I quickly packed up and headed for the next target Mt. do Curisco EA1/LE-191.
This is a picture of it taken during my descent from the first Summit.

My fishing rod got tied to the metallic pole of the fence surrounding the telecommunications tower and shack, with the endfed wire sloping down towards the North.
On this second activation I logged 41 QSOs in 3 different bands (40, 30 and 20m) and 2 modes CW and SSB.
The DX of the day was with Rich N4EX on 20m CW.

After some unresponded CQ calls, I QRTed and packed to descend and continue my journey.
Everything went smooth and fine regarding the driving and I write this report to you after having already worked and survived my first Monday after this holiday break :wink:

As always, thank you very much for your calls, QSOs, spots and your great company.

Best 73,