Changing the SOTA name

As the the march of progress moves ever forward it is important that we, as a community, take the time and effort to maintain relevancy in this modern age. As such, I believe that it is time we reevaluated the name of our collective organization. Below you’ll find a poll with my proposed replacement for Summits on the Air. Other suggestions welcome!

  • Geeks on Peaks
  • Summits on the Air

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Peaks don’t need no geeks!
I’ve never found a geek in amateur radio, just good intelligent wise people what have the ability and social graces to respond well to others and offer assistance where necessary.
Geeks? WHERE?


01/04/2019 :wink:



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I usually describe it to people as combining peak bagging and amateur radio for a double nerd score.



I really like the sound of "Geeks on Peaks"It just rolls of the tongue naturally.

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:+1: ? :-1: ?

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You missed out SKILL ON THE HILL.



Maybe if you live in North America. Otherwise, not.

I have no desire to be identified as a “geek”.

Wikipedia: “The definition of geek has been used as slang with different connotations, including as an affectionate label. However, this doesn’t mean that the term is meaningless or has lost its meaning over time. It remains mostly a derogatory term used to label people unfairly and offensively. Not a friendly and affectionate compliment about somebody’s personality, but a hurtful insulting form of invalidation or emotional abuse.”

Walt (G3NYY)

I read this thread as another amusing distraction caused by the first of April rolling around again.

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GOP or SOTA… I like SOTA

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It brings me to the song of the Beatles

"The Fool On The Hill"

Day after day, alone on the hill
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him
They can see that he’s just a fool
And he never gives an answer

But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning around

Well on the way, head in a cloud
The man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
But nobody ever hears him
Or the sound he appears to make
And he never seems to notice


ROTFL! You know, it never occurred to me that “GOP” was the acronym!

Walt (G3NYY)

Wonderful Geert - our new anthem? (Obviously written at the bottom of another solar cycle)

Edit having just listened to it I’m wondering what ‘hill’ they were on when they wrote it?

Happy April Fools Day!

73, Steve W6SAE

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