Changing Callsign

How can I change my callsign in my account? I probably being stupid but I can’t see how its done.

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'Scuse my laziness with the the copy and paste, but I only answered this one yesterday!

“Just create a new SOTAWatch account with the username 2M0COT - you’ll find it ties in nicely with the database for things like telling you how many times you have activated/chased a hill (providing you have updated the database to your new call).”

If you have a look through the old messages there is one by Andy MM0FMF about GM stations being allowed an NoV to change the secondary locator to “A” to celebrate the homecoming, it might interest you.


Dave M0MYA.

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Hi Fred

Depends which account you mean.

For Sotawatch just create a new account.

For the database just logon and on the second screen (grey box) use edit details.
Change your callsign here and all previous entries will be retained.


Roger G4OWG

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Many thanks for the advice.