Changes to W0 Association

There are some summit changes afoot for the W0 Association for 1st April 2014 and all will become apparent in a few days time. One of the changes is that W0 which covers Colorado and The Dakotas is being split into 2 associations, W0C for Colorado and W0D for Dakota. I intend to do this within the next 24hrs as it has to be in place before we can do any further updates. Summits in regions W0/BB, W0/ES, W0/ND & W0/NW will move to W0D and their references will change. i.e. W0/BB-001 will become W0D/BB-001. All the other regions move to W0C, hence W0/FR-001 will become W0C/FR-001. Activators and chasers should see almost no changes, your unique count, points should not change. If you have activated or chased summits that were in W0 but now are in W0C and W0D then you will see a change in the number of associations you have.

Until we do the next part of the update and then update SOTAwatch there will be a difference in the summit refs. If you want to spot or alert a W0 summit then you will have to use the current reference, i.e. W0/FR-001. If you want to log a chase or activation you will have to use W0C/FR-001. This will only be for a few days.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager

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If your database account had the home association as W0 then you should now find your home association is W0C. Anyone who lives in the Dakotas and wishes to change their home association to W0D can do so. Login and select the Edit Details link that appears on the info box. Change the association and save the changes. You will be logged out and when you log in again, you will have a new home association.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager