Changes to UK licence for 2.3 and 3.4 GHz

Earlier this week Ofocm published some changes that affect those using the 2.3GHz and 3.4 GHz bands:

I have now seen by email (but not directly) from the SHF UKAC Adjudicator a statement saying that the 2.3GHz part of the April SHF UKAC event will be delayed to run from 2030 to 2230 and that they are considering moving the May and subsequent events to Sunday Evenings.

I hope that they are going to tell those of us that do the other bands in the SHF UKAC when they have decided ! or better still give us the chance to express our opinion on changing the dates/times.

Personally I would like any such event on a Weekend to finish earlier than 2230 - having one night a week where I don’t get home until midnight or later is enough !

Stewart G0LGS