Changes to HB (Switzerland) summit list effective June 1

Notice to all activators and chasers

Effective Friday June 1, 2018, the following changes are being made to the summit list for the HB Association (Switzerland):

Added summits:
HB/BE-169 Mont-Soleil
HB/BE-170 Les Prés de la Montagne
HB/BE-171 Envers de Jorat
HB/BE-172 Mont Girod
HB/BE-173 Bözingenberg
HB/BE-174 Hubewald
HB/GL-048 Bächistock (awaiting database update)
HB/GR-373 Sentisch Horn (awaiting database update)
HB/GR-374 Amselflue (awaiting database update)
HB/GR-375 Piz Ault (awaiting database update)
HB/JU-010 Haute Aibaiteuse
HB/SO-021 Homberg
HB/TI-159 Pizzo della Valletta
HB/TI-160 Cima di Visghéd

Reactivated summits:
HB/SG-019 Sichelchamm
HB/SG-021 Chrummenstein
HB/SG-055 Schofwisspitz

Deleted summits:
HB/BL-017 Brand/ Brang
HB/BS-001 St. Chrischona
HB/GL-010 Glärnisch (replaced by HB/GL-048)
HB/SG-062 Lütispitz (replaced by HB/SG-055)

We expect there to be a flurry of activity as activators seek to become a “first activator” and chasers look to add to their list of “uniques”, so be on the lookout for our new summits.

73, wishing you safe activations and successful chasing
Paul HB9DST, on behalf of HB9SOTA the Swiss SOTA Group


Aside from the six new easy ones in HB/BE that will certainly prove to be popular, there’s another, more challenging new one that we forgot to mention (my fault, sorry):

HB/BE-168 Stampfhoren

Sounds like a challenge:

73 de Martin, DK3IT