Change of Summit Activation

Mike M3gns and i planned to act Gt Whernside today,when we arrived it was very windy and pouring down with heavy rain,so we decided to act Fountains fell,NP-017 instead,a four pointer that enabled me to claim 100 activator points,Mike wkd vhf,whilst i waded through a big cw pile up on 7mhz,then the rain came on heavy and we got totaly soaked,but thats sota,thanks to all the chasers ,we had agreat day in the rain, we also found the geocache it was laying on the footpath,we signed the book and put it back under the style and covered it with stones 73 Geoff,

In reply to 2E0HJD:
Was it a rubber key Mick ? or Yale ? Vy Sry didnt hr u.Geoff