Change of QTH

Dear all
I have moved from Wolverhampton, UK to Zennor, Cornwall, UK. My nearest SOTA summit is G/DC-007 Watch Croft, about 6 miles, line of site from my home so happy to chase anyone who ventures to the far west of England. I’ve activated the summit several times and most QSO’s have been with continental Europe and many with G0RQL, “Radio Devon” - cheers Don!! My best 2m SSB (telephony) contact was with Roger, G0TRB, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK - about 300 miles by road (about 31 / 21 report but we exchanged the necessaries).
The Welsh mountains (GW) are close to Wolverhampton and this helped me achieve Mountain Goat.
Going for double-goat when based in west Cornwall will be very difficult so in future I hope to spend my time on Watch Croft and concentrate on S2S and other callers. I made most QSO’s for the MG award on 2m FM (convenient for the high GW summits so I want to expand into HF, 6m, 4m and 70cm.
However, I have a problem as shown below. We have far too many possessions and the amateur radio box is at the other end of the room in the picture - on the far wall on the right - so it may take me a while to get to it so I am not likely to be on-air until next summer.
I like reading Reflector, especially the activation reports and technical stuff.
Au revoir and 73s


I find Hereford enough of a backwater so I hope you enjoy the isolation of SW Cornwall, Alastair and look forward to resuming contacts once you get on to HF - or even on 2m if we get close enough.

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I’ve activated Watch Cross only once but used 70cm & 2m FM and 6m FT8. Strangely, I didn’t reach anyone in South Wales on FM but I am sure that was just down to timing. I find I can usually contact someone in Wales from summits in DC.

Enjoy the area, coastal walks will keep you fit!

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